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In 2019 we have shifted our updates to the Facebook format for easier interactions with clients and fans. But since you have found your way to this page we can give you a fast lap around the circle as to what is taking place this season...

We continue to operate in a limited format with select clients as the decision has been made to table our media outlets except for the occasional updates on (dirt) and (asphalt). 

The overflow of using the cliche' Fake News sites has diluted the effectiveness of news based sites as the www's original started in the late 90's by our efforts as keyboard jockeys without media experience and sharing one liner news vs in-depth story reporting for accuracy and content has become the norm. Rather than be lumped in to the weekly diluted process, we have tabled the Circles and Ville formated sites from weekly updates. 

With that said, we are proud to say as an effort to encourage and inspire a new generation, the logo and publicity efforts are being showcased on the Virginia Late Model start up of young racer Chaz Buchinsky, as he begins his dirt Late Model career. You can learn more at 

We continue to serve as historian for the Kentucky Motorsports Hall of Fame and as board member produce the Bio and ad program for induction day as well as actively plan and promote the KMHoF.

Photo services, writing services and special event promotions continue to be offered in select situations.

Lastly, the time consuming process of writing an autobiographical story of my personal journey in motorsports (and the circle that is life) is in the early planning and writing stages. Going in Circles, Trying to Get to Heaven will take the reader from my moments in local motorsports to NASCAR PR, from track promotions at places like Barren County Speedway, Cherokee Speedway and Crossville Raceway to track management and development of the Top rated Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway. From column writing for trade papers to editor of one of the all time greatest publications Racing News. Funny moments and observations from a true lifetime of chasing race cars and telling peoples stories. It will be a long process, but one that should prove to be of laughs and documentation of famous moments I have had a hand in creating for the fans.

So click over to the Facebook page for more updates above and any questions you can reach us at the info below. 




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